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Historic District, Mount Dora, FL
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We Love Our Pups

And they love us. We have slowly transformed our Barkyard into a playground for them as well as ourselves. It started with replacing the worn out fence. We added a paver patio along the garage. We laid sod. We added raised bed planters. Not all at once, and not without problems, but always a work in progress.

We love our trains. One of the reasons we moved to Mount Dora was the train. The train station is downtown and within walking distance. The Orange Blossom Cannonball ran between here and our sister cities, Tavares and Eustis. We could walk down to the station and ride the train to our favorite pub to enjoy lunch.

We started our garden scale layout before we moved to Mount Dora. We brought it with us when we moved here. Until we could plan our new layout, everything sat in storage. Originally designed to occupy most of the yard, we started to build.

But before we could even complete a continuous loop, we had to once again store it all away. We're on the third incarnation of the Barkyard Railroad now, and it continues to evolve.

March 29, 2024
March 23, 2024

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